Our Pre-K program is centered on providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for our students. We develop stimulating activities the students can participate in which relate to weekly or bi-monthly themes. All activities are developmentally appropriate for children in our program. We use a variety of materials when teaching different concepts to enrich our students’ experiences.Providing students with these hands-on experiences help them to actively be involved in their own learning. This results in students internalizing concepts which they can apply to new information later in life. This solid foundation that is created for our students, empowers them to strength their metacognition, creativity, and builds self-confidence.Furthermore, our activities are based on prominent research has strongly proven that hands-on experiences help create connections for children which creates intelligence. Research also proves doing massive amounts of worksheets does not create any connections, and does not increase intelligence of children. Thus, our Pre-K program does not implement the use of worksheets because it is not developmentally appropriate. Prekidergarten Units 2018 19