Mission & Vision


                                     Mission and Vision

Our mission is to respect, foster and value every child’s cognitive development; cultural diversity; social, physical and emotional growth by providing a safe and nurturing learning environment.
Our vision is to develop children’s love of learning so they become life long learners and conscientious contributing members of society.


At SVA we are challenging students with developmentally appropriate academic activities, as this will foster the love of learning. Research has proven that this approach prevents children from feeling bored or overwhelmed. Boredom, anxiety, and frustration felt when overwhelmed all result in children getting turned off from learning.

Also, it is a priority of the school to provide a safe and nurturing environment because this directly follows the Sunnah of the Prophet (S). This was very clearly stated in an article by Karen Keyworth, Director of Education for the Islamic Schools’ League of America, in the Nov/Dec 2002 issue of Islamic Horizons:

Modern research has offered an explanation for that which we can infer from our Sunnah-when children are afraid, they cannot learn well. The brain will not attend to both fears and facts simultaneously.

When a child feels fear, the brain focuses on that fear and dulls attention to other issues. The brain deliberately makes it difficult for children to learn when they are afraid because it is diverting all of its energy toward defense strategies and “flight or fight” responses in the body.

The simple consequence of this knowledge for educators is to do all we can to decrease fear. When teachers provide a safe and happy environment in which to learn, they free up more of the children’s brain power to focus on learning.