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Integrated Thematic Learning
Thematic Standards-Based Units
Multiple Learning Styles
Cooperative Group Work
Hands on Projects and Field Trips
Ongoing Assessments
Home School Connections
Daily Quran and Arabic Instruction

California State Standards

At Silicon Valley Academy we use the California State Standards as guidelines for the skills and concepts that need to be taught at each grade level. Our teaching strategies empower the teaching staff to bring this content “to life”. The textbook is a resource, along with field trips, artifacts, videos, children’s literature and the internet to help teach information and concepts. The content is the ‘what’ we teach; the GLAD strategies are the ‘how’ we do it. These strategies go beyond finding the right answers, a typical textbook activity, to developing critical thinking skills and the meta cognitive process. Meta cognition, or thinking about the thinking process, results in higher level thinking skills for our students. Thus, students are actively involved in their learning process and develop a love for learning!

Silicon Valley Academy has implemented the GLAD model for both English and Arabic language development since 1997 and has achieved tremendous results for our diverse student population. The certified Project GLAD Key Trainers on staff have trained teachers for the teaching department at Stanford University, in addition to working with other universities in California. They have trained over 1000 teachers in public school districts and Islamic schools across the nation.