Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know what subjects my child will learn this year?

The California State Standards state explicitly the concepts and skills that need to be taught in each subject area for each grade level. Each teacher has taken these standards and developed a standards based year plan that indicates the timeline for when each standard will be taught. Standards based year plans are posted in each classroom. In addition, these standards have been integrated across the curricular areas including Islamic Studies.

Is SVA accredited?

SVA has a Model of ‘Academic Excellence’. Academic Excellence is only declared by the United States Department of Education. It is one of the highest honors that can be given to a school. SVA works directly with the U.S. Department of Education, not WASC a private organization, to make sure schools fulfill the requirements mandated. In addition, our program model is recognized as an ‘Exemplary Program’ declared by the California Department of Education.

Are student assessments conducted throughout the year?

Teachers conduct both on-going and formal assessments throughout the year. Teachers focus on authentic forms of assessments such as the use of running records for reading, rubrics for writing, and formal assessments with math concepts. Assessments also include portfolios, student projects and presentations. In addition, one-on-one oral assessments are done for the areas of Quranic tajweed and Arabic language comprehension. Furthermore, our high school students take the California High School Exit Exam.

Do you need to schedule a campus tour in order to see the facility or and talk to the teachers?

SVA has a closed campus policy for the safety and security of our children. Tours of our campus should be set in advance with an appointment to avoid a long wait in the office. We give custom tours and individual orientations so that an individual can have all of their questions addressed personally. To avoid interruptions to class instruction, if a parent would like to meet a teacher, it is best to set an appointment when the teacher is available.

What are the typical class sizes?

We are pleased to offer a low student to teacher ratio. The average size class is 25 students.

Are all students required to wear uniforms?

Pre-K students do not have uniforms. Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade must wear our school uniform. Our Middle and High School students are given a dress code with guidelines to assure they wear appropriate attire for our school.

What is ‘Academic Excellence’?

Academic Excellence is a title that is awarded to a public or private school program based on academic student achievement and school program model. It is one of the highest honors that can be given to a school and is only given by the U.S. Department of Education. SVA is the only Islamic school in the nation that has a program model that has been declared ‘Academic Excellence’.

Does Silicon Valley Offer Extracurricular activities?

SVA offers extracurricular activities based on student interest and parental request and support. In past years, SVA has offered lessons in archery, tennis, instrument/music, crochet, and knitting.

Does Silicon Valley offer a Summer Program?

SVA offers a summer program to serve the needs of our community. This program typically runs for 4-6 weeks, beginning after the fourth of July weekend going through the first week of August. Our summer program is designed to inspire the love of learning for our students. Thus, we have many hands on experiments, field trips, swimming sessions, cooking projects art activities and much more! Our summer program is open to all students, regardless of what school they attend during the regular academic year.

How can parents get involved?

SVA has parent committee coordinators who organize various projects for the school. A parent may volunteer for specific projects by filling out a volunteer form in the office. Parents may also notify their child’s homeroom teacher, homeroom parent, or attend parent meetings to sign up for projects.

How big is the school?

The student population for the 2014-2015 academic year was 135 students. The SVA campus has a very large enclosed playground and a blacktop area. The facility includes 2 basketball courts, 2 tetherball courts, a beautifully shaded ‘forest’, and 4 grass soccer/baseball fields.

How do students do after graduating from SVA?

SVA has a solid success record for it’s alumni. All students from the accelerated High School pilot program passed the CHSPE. Furthermore, all of those students successfully attended community colleges, obtained their AA degree, and have since transferred to universities as sophomores and juniors at ages 16-18. Among the universities our alumni were accepted to include UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, SJSU, and SFSU.