Arabic / Qur’an / Islamic Studies

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We have a cross-curricular approach to inspire Islam in the hearts and minds of our students. Islamic principles are addressed and made relevant within social studies, science, and literature classes through discussions and making connections.

Integrated thematic units, including related Quran and Hadith, foster the development of moral and spiritual intelligence, academic knowledge and higher level critical thinking.

Our approach to “Islamic” studies offers children a way to relate Islam to the world around them and assimilate this into their daily lives. Students are exposed to a broad spectrum of experiences helping them to develop the ability to discriminate between what is beneficial and what is harmful.

Most importantly, we work to create a safe, caring and nurturing setting. This allows Islamic values such as cooperation, generosity, self-discipline, consideration and responsibility to be assimilated and practiced. In following the tradition of the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, we are open to all who want to learn.

The Arabic Program

Our language strategies are applied to a high quality Arabic language program. Guided reading, scenarios and conversation, calligraphy, games, listening centers, recitation, creative writing and online program are among the activities in which the children participate.

Islamic practices are taught by modeling and guidance. Basic surahs and Quranic recitation are covered in addition to the Arabic language instruction.

Islamic Studies Links

We have enhanced our Islamic studies program by developing new curriculum which links authentic hadith, Quranic ayahs, and stories of different prophets to the California content standards for each grade level.

This will be reinforcement for our children to apply Islam into every aspect of their learning and their life, thus turning “Islamic Studies” into Islamic action. As a result, students will be studying about various aspects of Islam throughout the day, not just for a 45 minute block period of time.